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Sungod Industries is committed to providing the highest quality products & service to its customers at a reasonable price. Each system is tailored to the customer's specific needs. Because of the expandable properties of these systems, we can install the infrastructure (the electrical wiring) for a larger system, but, only install a portion of the solar panels. As your needs grow or as you can afford it, we can expand the system accordingly.

Choosing a system depends on the area you live in. Most areas in Canada are ideally suited to solar with wind assist, called a "hybrid". Most areas are not windy enough to sustain wind power alone but a combination of the two (both wind and solar) gives the best of both worlds. If you have access to the electrical grid, an on grid system is the best option as there are no batteries to maintain or replace. While producing power, you use the power you are producing first, only using power from the grid as your demand becomes higher than what your system is producing. When your demand for power is lower than what you are producing, you will sell power to your utility provider.

By using alternative energy resources, you not only save yourself money in the long run, but you are saving the environment as well. Our goal is to bring alternative energy living to a broader range of people and to prove to the world that alternative energy is the answer to Earth's energy crisis. If everyone does a little, it adds up to a lot!

We supply and install: Residential, commercial and industrial power systems for emergency backup, UPS, partial or complete on or off grid systems for your home, business or both.